Dating Dictum – the 20s v/s the 30s

Now that I’ve been on both sides, lived through both ages, here is what I think the differences are between dating in your early 20s and your early 30s. The early 20s, make you not only believe in a prince charming or a knight in shining armor, but also that there’s one for you and you will most definitely ride with him into the sunset. The late 20s and the early 30s, bring you a step closer to reality. You stop looking for a knight or a prince and instead look forward to finding a normal, regular human being with acceptable flaws.

Another difference is that by the time you’re in your 30s, you have become a realist. You’ve by now thrown away those rose-tinted glasses and have a clearer view of being in a relationship. You know what features you’re looking for in the other person – the must haves v/s good to haves v/s the intolerables.

You know how much is good and when it starts to be too much. You are more self aware and secure in your own skin. You are no more out just to impress, and instead share promptly what you think may be important in the long run. You become quick at identifying the apt traits in the other person.

Most importantly, the idea of love in your 30s, is not one that is all consuming, but one that ends up empowering you, with a sense of belonging and companionship, and balancing it with a good measure of space and time for oneself.

So for those still looking for their prince on a white horse, all the best! I do genuinely hope you find one, if not, my little secret is – a regular guy is more fun. Where each other’s flaws are embraced. There’s no throne, no crown, only the willingness to stay together and make it bloody well work!


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